Julia Sheidin

Julia completed her PhD in 2023 at the Information Systems Department at the University of Haifa under the supervision of Prof. Tsvi Kuflik and Dr. Joel Lanir. Her research examined how to explore the potential of Visual Analytics in reducing the overload users are facing when dealing with vast amounts of data. Julia did her Master’s degree in Information Systems (at the University of Haifa), where she was a part of the collaboration project between the University of Haifa and the Italian Research Institute ITC-irst. The aim of the project was developing a Multimedia Mobile guide-based PDA (Pocket PC), which allows group guided tours at the museum as a substitute for a human instructor. Julia’s master thesis topic was to design, implement and evaluate an adaptive user interface for a mobile museum visitor’s guide.  Afterward, Julia worked for 7 years at Espro Acoustiguide Group, where her main job was to characterize, design , and development of mobile applications in various work environments (iOS and Android products, company’s multimedia product).

Email:  sheidin.julia@gmail.com

List of Publications:

  1. Kuflik T., Sheidin J., Jbara S., Goren-Bar D., Soffer P., Stock O., and Zancanaro M. “Supporting small groups in the museum by context-ware communication services”. In Proceedings of: the 12th international conference on Intelligent User Interfaces IUI2007,  Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (January 28 – 31, 2007), pp. 305-308.

  2. Kuflik T., Stock O., Zancanaro M., Gorfinkel A., Jbara S., Kats S., Sheidin J., Kashtan N. (2011) “A visitor’s guide in an active museum: Presentations, communications, and reflection”. Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH) 3 (3), Article No.11.

  3. Stock O., Kuflik T., Zancanaro M., Goren-Bar D., Gorfinkel A., Jbara S., Kats S., Sheidin J., Kashtan N. (2014)  “Design and Evaluation of a Visitor Guide in an Active Museum”. In N. Dershowitz and E. Nissan. (Eds.) Language, Culture, Computation. Computing of the Humanities, Law, and NarrativesLecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8002. Springer, Berlin, pp 47-71. Available at: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-45324-3_4#com

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