Maayan Paz-Hen

Maayan, an Information Systems Engineer, holds a BSc from Technion and is currently pursuing her MSc in Information Systems with a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction at Haifa University. With a five-year stint at Intel, she works as a BI developer, demonstrating expertise in analytical tools, SQL, Python, C#, and Machine Learning algorithms.


In her ongoing academic journey, Maayan is in the thesis phase, advised by Prof. Joel Lanir and Dr. Oshrat Ayalon. Her research centers on ChatGPT, an advanced language model, and its interaction with engineers, particularly delving into privacy concerns. Recognizing the transformative potential of ChatGPT in engineering and technology, Maayan’s focus is on addressing the ethical and privacy implications associated with its deployment. Her research aims to comprehend engineers’ perspectives on privacy during interactions with chatbots and develop strategies to ensure the safeguarding of companies’ data

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