Roman Shikhri

Roman Shikhri is a PhD Student in the Information Systems Department at University of Haifa, under the supervision of Prof. Joel Lanir.

He received his BSc and MSc in Information Systems from the University of Haifa, and in his thesis, he focused on the evaluation of UX in 360-Degree Virtual Tours.

By conducting his research, he combines three areas of his interest: UX, tourism, and photography.

His work explores how immersive virtual experiences can enhance user engagement and satisfaction, particularly in the context of virtual tourism and cultural heritage.

He conducts in-depth research on the various factors that can influence user experience, with the aim of understanding and improving it. His work examines the nuances of user interactions and the elements that contribute to a seamless and engaging experience. By identifying and analyzing these factors, he strives to develop strategies and solutions that enhance overall user satisfaction and engagement.

Roman is a vibrant researcher, a non-stop learner who strives to make an impact in his expertise domains by continues research, publications, and lectures.


Linkedin: Roman Shikhri

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