Understanding Feet Interaction

How can we interact and control a technological device by using our feet?

We present a theoretical study regarding foot interaction using gestures. Our work is based on a three-part Guessability study where the user suggests preferred gestures to common actions. In each of the study’s parts, we explored foot gestures elicitation in different condition- while standing in front of a large display, while sitting in front of a normal size computer and while standing on a projected display (similar to large touch screen). In addition, we develop a prototype for users so they could try and sense the use of foot gestures by actually controlling an application. Our goal is to understand how foot interaction can serve us as users in controlling and interacting with technological devices and present general observations and guidelines for using foot gestures in various ways, in a wide range of use cases, in order to interact with technological devices more naturally and easily.



Yasmin Felberbaum, Joel Lanir (2016). Step-by-step: Investigating foot gesture interaction. Proceedings of the International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI), pp. 306-307, ACM.  Link

Yasmin Felberbaum, Joel Lanir (2018). Better understanding of foot gestures: An elicitation study. Proceedings of the international conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI)


2015 – 2017

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