Suggested walking for older adults

These days, life expectancy increased significantly and older adults are going to be an increasingly significant part of the population, one that needs considerable attention and focus. Older adults experience a decrease in physical ability which may lead to poor quality of life. Therefore, it is very important for older adults to maintain their physical skills by performing physical activity. Older adults are a very diverse population in their aging process. Therefore, physical activity should be personalized and address individual capabilities and skills. In addition, combining a secondary cognitive task appears to provide better physical activity practice which is more similar to everyday tasks. We will dual-tasking walking practice, aiming to provide new dimensions of adaptation and monitoring of each person on his/her performance using different variables (e.g., length of route, difficulty of route, number of pauses), set personalized physical activity and goal settings by allowing the person to choose various properties of the route through route planning (e.g., prevent walking up inclines), and provide an added value of doing physical activity that involves dual-tasking practice and is done outside the home.



Yasmin Felberbaum


Joel Lanir


Tamar Weiss


Felberbaum, Y., Lanir, J., & Weiss, P. L. T. (2018). Challenges and Requirements for Technology to Support Mobility of Older Adults. In Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM.  Link

Yasmin Felberbaum, Joel Lanir, Patrice Weiss (2023). Designing Mobile health applications to support walking for older adults. International journal of environmental research and public health.   Link




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