TeleAdvisor is a collaboration project with the IBM research center at Haifa. TeleAdvisor is a versatile projection-based augmented reality system designed for remote collaboration. It allows a remote expert to naturally guide a local user in need of assistance in carrying out physical tasks around real-world objects. The system consists of a small projector and two cameras mounted on top of a tele-operated robotic arm at the worker’s side, and an interface to view the camera stream, control the point-of-view and gesture using projected annotations at the remote expert’s side. TeleAdvisor provides a hands-free, mobile, low-cost solution that supports gesturing by the remote expert while minimizing the cognitive overhead of the local worker.



Pavel Gurevich, Joel Lanir, Benjamin Cohen and Ran Stone (2012). TeleAdvisor: A Versatile Augmented Reality Tool for Remote AssistanceSIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI   619-622. Trophy-gold Best paper award.  Download PDF

Joel LanirRan Stone, Benjamin Cohen and Pavel Gurevich (2013). Ownership and Control of Point of View in Remote AssistanceIn Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 2243-2252. ACM Press.   Download PDF

Pavel Gurevich, Joel Lanir, Benjamin Cohen (2015). Design and implementation of TeleAdvisor: a projection-based augmented reality system for remote collaborationComputer Supported Cooperative Work. 24(6), 527-562 Springer.   Download PDF


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